Payroll Standards Canada is the self-regulating body for the payroll profession in Canada. Managed by National Payroll Institute, the body upholds the standards for Canada’s only payroll designations – the Payroll Compliance Professional (PCP) and Payroll Leadership Professional (PLP).

Over the past few decades, payroll has evolved. No longer an administrative task or back-office job, payroll has become a career of choice, recognized as a valuable business partner for its contributions to business and employee health.

As businesses increasingly look to payroll for its expertise and value, there is a growing demand for payroll professionalism and excellence, which are exemplified through the PCP and PLP designations. More than 16,000 professionals currently hold these credentials, and that number continues to grow.

Employers and designated payroll professionals rely on Payroll Standards Canada to oversee the practices, policies, and conduct expected to practice payroll today which combine to represent a high degree of professionalism.

Designated professionals must adhere to several requirements in order to maintain their credentials. These include adhering to a Professional Code of Conduct, remaining a member in good standing with the National Payroll Institute, and completing Continuing Professional Education on an ongoing basis.

Payroll Standards Canada is led by the Payroll Standards Canada Advisory Council, which is comprised of appointed members and payroll experts from across Canada who are committed to elevating the role of professional payroll.